The Innovation Biz Group has been involved in retailer format development for 25 years. With vast experience in the industry (Nestle, Coca Cola, Conagra, Twinlab, etc), the team is expert in all prospective formats that sell consumer products.


Down The Street Marketing

The Innovation Biz Group has created specialized retail format studies for clients (sales planning, distributor planning) that introduce them to all potential retail sales formats ideal for their product lines. Our efforts have also included ‘Direct to Store Delivery’ programming as well.

From The Innovation Biz Group comes which talks about all of the different sales channels ideal for sales and marketing efforts for current and new clients…

Services such as Retail Chain Coverage (Brokers, etc), New Business Development, Startups, Contract Manufacturing, Social Media, Direct Store Delivery Efforts, Sales Planning, TV Show Marketing, etc

Example Format Programs


Hotels: The Retailing Group has an extensive background with hotels and resorts


Hospital Cafeterias: We have Grab and Go and FS Programs in Hospital Cafeterias today.


Smoothie Shops: We can add your products to our current efforts in Smoothie Shops.


Country Clubs: We have programs for the country club dining, pro shop and concessions areas.


University Cafeterias: We have programs for the whole campus especially with the University.


In Flight Catering: As a group we have a long history of working with airlines & their suppliers.


Coffee Shops: We have developed products made for coffee shops specifically (most chains).


School Cafeterias: We have a long history with school districts and creating menu options specific for them.


Yogurt Shops: From toppings to ingredients to flavorings we can help with your needs.

Sales Planning

A core part of our consulting programs involves the creation of a sales plan. Sales plans are an integral part of a business plan. The Innovation Biz Group specializes in being experts on aligning the right sales channels to the subject new brand/brand group in mind.

“Creating a Concept” and “Launching a Product”